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Baron Rouge 19-59. Novel by Freddy De Pues. Available November 15, 2006.

ISBN: 0-9754244-7-5. $13.50

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Baron Rouge 19-59. Novel by Freddy De Pues.

In his first novel, Freddy De Pues concocts a powerful and seductive Creole potion that will seduce any reader who ventures into these psychologically intoxicating pages.

In Baron Rouge 19-59 veiled realities reveal their partially hidden worlds with prose that is suggestive of Les Amants by Magritte. Like petals of a Japanese magnolia, the lives of the characters in this work unfold like intertwining origami in a perfumed universe of spinning sensuality. As in a novel by Thomas Mann, the characters die in exquisite decadence, not in Venice, but along the 17th Street Industrial Canal in an exhausted New Orleans, just as they live within the exotica of a living Hawaii, where the very earth quivers in sublime mutations and invents a profoundly personal language of transcendental love.

Freddy De Pues offers us his world, seemingly flat in the glaring light of day but multidimensional in the shadows of the night. His prose glides above the apparent realities of life in the region of clouds. This is a work filled with poetry that transcends the natural worlds of bayous and lagoons. This is a work that draws us out of our own personal miasmas where evolution has served only to enchain us and allows us to glimpse a world where poetry and life are one, making us hope for a return of the Red Baron.