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Graines de parasol. Jude R. Chatelain Sr.

This text will be available after the August 25, 2012.

ISBN: 978-09820558-9-2 . $15.00

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Graines de parasol. Jude R. Chatelain Sr.

With his Graines de parasol, Ronnie Chatelain has brewed up a heady elixir that summons forth a mysterious and magical world. It’s a potion that transports us to another time and place where we find ourselves on the front porch of our dear ol’ pawpaw, a crafty teller of tall tales. Held spellbound by the charm, we’ll cover our eyes to hide from the werewolf of Pearl Lake and the Devil-Man who haunts the Old River. At the second sip, we discover that, certain evenings, we can understand the mutterings of cows in the pasture; the third swallow carries us to the old cedar tree where the will-o’-the-wisps dance. Every tiny drop of this brew conjures up beings like the serpent, Grand Mince, Isabelle the crayfish, Mimi the sorceresses, or the tiny cat Katrina, named for the hurricane. But the real magic of these tales is that papa Chatelain is right there with us, sitting on the steps of the porch, because the CD that accompanies the text gives us the impression that our grandfather has always lived in the swamps of Louisiana, and that he’ll keep his arm around our shoulder to reassure us, in his gentle and sonorous accent of Avoyelles parish, that all is well, and if we are good, he’ll tell us another tale...