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Petites communions: Poèmes, chansons et jonglements, Kirby Jambon.

ISBN: 978-09857345-3-4 . $14.98

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Petites communions: Poèmes, chansons et jonglements, Kirby Jambon.

    We have need, indeed, a profound need of this collection of poetry and musings penned by Kirby Jambon. Why? Because this book is more than a book; it is art, deep, moving and profound art.
    What will you find here?
    When he’s not writing poetry, Kirby is a teacher and his Petites communions teach us lessons, much needed lessons for the entire world.
    For those who would relegate Louisianan French to the dustbin of history, this poetry will open your eyes and make your ears dance to the tune of lilting modernity and you will see how a language can draw strength from a myriad of sources to project itself into unknown tomorrows.
    For those who seek to make your lives fit into the neat boxes of mine and yours, this poetry will shamelessly snap at you. It will penetrate your boundaries with generosity, sharing, and the ability to give.
    For those who see paradise as some faraway ideal, this poetry will enlighten you. It will reveal to you the heaven that dwells in the cracks of daily routine, in the hollows of the hic and nunc, in the heart of“righthererightnow.
    For those who think, like the major dictionaries, that a “communion” is a “gathering of individuals who profess the same beliefs,” this poetry will surprise you. It will teach you the real meaning of religion: the quest to discover all that binds us together when we go beyond our differences.
    We are not just mere observers fascinated by this poet-prophet-teller-of-tales-and-juggler-of-thought: We walk beside him and dance with him on a razor’s edge, held in suspension between tears and laughter, between Mardi Gras and the cosmos, between ecstatic faith and joyous heresy. Kirby invites us all to commune with him there.
                                     – Clint Bruce