Français 301 — Phonetics

Professeur : D. Kress
Tel. 5252
Heures de bureau: 4:00-5:00 lundi, mercredi

Texts: Savoir Dire, Diane M. Dansereau, D. C. Heath, 2006.

N. B. In addition to the work in your phonetics text, there will be short writing assignments every day. These writing/grammar assignments will be assigned in class.

The goal of this course is to help students improve their written and spoken French through an intensive study of advanced grammar and phonetics. In this course the student will study all major components of the French sound system: vowels, consonants, intonation, accent, syllabic division, and rhythm. The student will also study all essential elements of the French sentence: verbs, nouns, pronouns, adjectives, and adverbs. The goal of this class is to help students use correct grammatical structures in well-crafted and well pronounced sentences.


You are expected to come to class prepared every day. Study the material specified on the syllabus or in class! There may be a quiz even though there is not a written assignment.

A language course is different from other courses at the college because you work on oral communication skills. The only place you can work on these skills is in class. Other classes may not require your attendance because you can learn the material from the book; however, there is no substitute for the dynamic interaction that takes place between you and your teacher--a trained language acquisition specialist. For this reason this course has a strong policy on absences.

Your grade in this class will be given as follows:

50% Exams (including the final)
20% Homework and written assignments to be turned in.
30% Play

*You will need to memorize four poems in French. You will be graded on pronunciation and memorization. *There will be four major tests in addition to the final exam.

*Make ups: No make-ups for an unexcused absence are given. In case of excused absences, I may choose not to give a make-up; instead I may choose not to count that quiz or examination.

*Students who have 3 absences will have their final grade lowered one full letter. For additional absences there will be a penalty of 2 points per day before the letter grade is dropped.

The use of cell phones or any electronic media device is not allowed during this class. Use of such devices during a quiz or exam will constitute an honor code violation and will be reported to the honor court.

Services to Students with Disabilities:

It is the policy of Centenary College to accommodate students with disabilities pursuant to federal and state law and our commitment to equal educational opportunities. Students seeking support services/accommodations for a disability must first register with Disability Services (a division of the Counseling Center, 318-869-5466/5424, located on the ground floor of Rotary Hall) and should begin this process as early as possible. Students with accommodations approved through Disability Services are responsible for contacting the faculty member in charge of the course prior to or during the first days of the term to discuss needed accommodations. We will gladly make appropriate accommodations based on disability to ensure the playing field is and remains level for all students.

College Diversity Statement

Centenary College of Louisiana values human diversity in all its richly complex and multi-faceted forms, whether expressed through race and ethnicity, culture, political and social views, religious and spiritual beliefs, language and geographic characteristics, gender, gender identities and sexual orientations, learning and physical abilities, age, and social or economic classes.


I. Semaine du 8 au 12 janvier.
lundi: Les organes de la parole et les symboles phonétiques, p. 2-3.
mercredi: Phrase 1, p. 4-8.

II. Semaine du 15 au 19 janvier.
lundi: MLK Day Pas de classe!
mercredi: Phrase 2, p. 10-14.

III. Semaine du 22 au 26 janvier.
lundi: Phrase 3, p. 14-17.
mercredi: Phrase 4, p. 17-20. Récitation

IV. Semaine du 29 janvier au 1er février.
lundi: Examen I
mercredi: La joncture, p. 20-25, Le rythme, p. 25-30, L'intonation, p. 30-37.

V. Semaine du 5 au 9 février.
lundi: La liaison, p. 38-53.
mercredi: La liaison, p. 38-53.

VI. Semaine du 12 au 16 février.
lundi- Vacances de Mardi Gras!
mercredi: Vacances de Mardi Gras!

VII. Semaine du 19 au 23 février.

lundi: Récitation
mercredi: Examen II

VIII. Semaine du 26 février au 2 mars..

lundi: Les voyelles et les semi-voyelles, p. 59-61. Chapitre 3, Les voyelles, p. 62.Première série.
mercredi: Première série.

IX. Semaine du 5 au 9 mars
lundi: Deuxième série.
mercredi: Troisième série. Récitation du poème.

X. Semaine du 12 au 16 mars

lundi: Examen III
mercredi: Chapitre 4, Les voyelles nasales.

XI. Semaine du 19 au 23 mars
lundi: Les voyelles nasales.
mercredi: Chapitre 5, Le e muet, p. 137.

XII. Semaine du 26 au 30 mars
lundi: Spring Break--from March 23rd until April 2nd!
mercredi: Spring Break--from March 23rd until April 2nd!

XIII. Semaine du 2 au 6 avril
lundi: Chapitre 5, Le maintien du e muet.
mercredi: Chapitre 5, Récitation

XIV. Semaine du 9 au 13 avril
lundi: Examen IV
mercredi: Chapitre 6, Les semi-voyelles.

XV. Semaine du 16 au 20 avril
lundi: Chapitre 7, Les consonnes.
mercredi: Les occlusives, p. 208. Les fricatives, p. 215.

XVI. Semaine du 23 au 27 avril

lundi: Les liquides, p. 224, Les nasales, p. 230.
mercredi: La lettre h, p. 232, Consonnes finales, p. 233.
 Vendredi le 27 avril est le dernier jour de classes !