French 311
Advanced Conversation

In this class you will work to improve your oral comprehension as well as your ability to speak in French. All activities in this course are geared to help you achieve the greatest possible improvement in your spoken French. You will receive intensive conversational practice in a small group setting and your classes will be conducted by a native speaker of French. These classes will involve discussions of French customs and will stress the development of situational vocabulary.

Because this is a conversation lab course, your attendance will have a significant impact on your grade. Come to class prepared and be ready to participate! You have enrolled in this course because you want to improve your command of French—this will only be possible if you make the dedicated decision to actively involve yourself in the class. Don't hesitate because you might make a mistake. Don't be shy. Jump right in!


Because of the nature of a conversation lab, your on-going commitment is more important than one or two large exams given over the course of the semester.

Vocabulary Quizzes (every other Tuesday) 40%
Final Exam (15 minute oral presentation on subject of your choice) 20%
In-class discussion (based on material you receive in class) 40%

*Each week you will receive a list of vocabulary items which will appear on your written quizzes. This vocabulary will also be the basis of much of our in-class discussion.

*Every student will make a 15 minute oral presentation to the class for their final exam. You may use notes but you may not read from a written text. You should begin to prepare early. You will be graded on grammar, fluency, preparation, and pronunciation. Be sure to go over your presentation out loud several times before the final. Students who seem ill-prepared will be heavily penalized.

*In-class discussions. Each week I will give you a list of up to three topics that we will discuss in the next class. I will give you handouts on these topics which you must study, learning the appropriate vocabulary, as needed. BE READY TO DISCUSS THIS MATERIAL BY THE TIME CLASS BEGINS AND BE SURE YOU HAVE MASTERED ANY VOCABULARY YOU WILL NEED TO DISCUSS THESE TOPICS!