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The Louisiana Purchase gave thousands of future citizens whose heritage found its roots in France, in French-speaking Canada, in Germany, in Spain, in Africa and in the Caribbean. By fate, these settlers, slaves and refugees became American yet still retained their culture on the Louisiana territory. On the contrary, they have left us in their newspapers, their books, their manuscripts and their songs a rich and varied account of their lives in the new world. This is the experience, expressed by means of languages which are less spoken today, that Les Cahiers du Tintamarre and Les Editions Tintamarre explore, and this with the people’s words, those people who lived it or are still living it.

Centenary College of Louisiana has undertaken the twelve editions of these texts thanks to the financial help of the Louisiana Board of Regents in the framework of the Louisiana Board of Regents Support fund: LEQSF (2003-2004) – ENH – UG – 03