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Le Hantage : Un ouvrage de souvenance, Nathan Rabalais.

ISBN: 978-0-9857345-9-6. $19.98

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Le Hantage : Un ouvrage de souvenance, Nathan Rabalais.

     In his first collection of poetry, Le Hantage : un ouvrage de souvenance, Nathan Rabalais has created a text that leads the reader on a fearless quest for the meanings inscribed not only with words but also beneath words. These poems function as reflections of reflected meanings where successive layers of language (in)form the text that resides on the surface. In essence, English, Creole, and Spanish haunt these poems just like these languages haunt the French of every Louisiana Francophone. In Rabalais’ poetry, however, there is neither complaint over our current existence nor handwringing over the loss of the “good ol’ days.” There is, rather, a full-throated cry of a new poetic French that speaks in multiple tongues—with a single voice. Written in pure Louisiana French, Rabalais makes us think of a Jacques Prévert who dwells on bayous that meander throughout the universe as he introduces us to individuals who live in mud castles and hope for – or wait on – or avoid – their own personal salvation.